Personalized Lace

Our customers often ask us to make a personalized lace that incorporates a design, a logo or a monogram. With Venetian needle lace, typical of the island of Burano, all this is possible because this process, which allows you to reproduce even complex designs and figures, is not limited to producing geometric patterns and allows you to range with your imagination. The only shrewdness required in the realization of the "orditura" (the design of the lace) is to think from the beginning about the technique to be realized and some figures must be adapted in order to allow a correct execution of the work.

A lace that allowed the realization of a complex design in all its harmony was that of the Bevilacqua Family of Venice. The logo reproduced in lace is that of Tessitura Bevilacqua: two lions placed at the sides of a tree of life.

For the execution of this lace, we wanted to involve Rossano Duzioni who in recent years has learned the technique of Burano lace, through the study of books dedicated to lace, watching videos on the web and attending classes with a master lace maker in the Atelier Martina Vidal.

After defining the size and shape of the lace, Rossano first made the warping and then the entire execution of the lace. With words it is not easy to describe the beauty and harmony of the final result ... we report some representative pictures, complimenting Rossano for the impeccable execution. The photos with the Bevilacqua velvets were taken directly at the weaving workshop in Venice, at the headquarters of Santa Croce 1320.

lace personalized martina vidal venezia

logo Bevilacqua in merletto

lace personalized martina vidal