Family Lace Museum

The Martina Vidal Lace Museum with its antique lace collection for the most demanding collector.

The museum displays antique lacework such as tablecloths, centrepieces, collars, linen, handkerchiefs, fans and wedding veils, all used to embellish the most prestigious mansions of Europe and adorn ladies and knights at the most important times of the day.
The precise date of the birth of lacemaking in Burano is unknown, though there are several legends surrounding its origin. One tells of a young Venetian sailor who gifted his beloved with a piece of seaweed from a distant journey. Legend tells that when she saw it, she wished to keep the memento forever and set about copying in detail its delicate contours and pinholes with a simple thread.

In our personal lace collection, you will find old and new artefacts, and an overview of the history of Burano Lace through the hands of our lace workers and their ancestors: an art and tradition bequeathed over the centuries and alive still today.
Through a series of lace exhibited in the Museum, you will discover antique lace patterns completed in the XVII, XIX, and XX centuries.

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