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Martina Vidal Venezia has its flagship store in Burano, the island known all over the world for its extraordinary artisanal production of Venetian lace.

The art of Burano lace has been handed down for generations, from mother to daughter, and the precise date of its origin is unknown.

One of many legends tells of a young Venetian sailor who gifted his beloved with a piece of seaweed from a distant journey. When she saw it, she wished to keep the memento forever and set about copying in detail its delicate contours and pinholes with a simple thread.

Extraordinary artisanal skills charm those that come to visit us from all over the world. Our Collection of antique lacework once embellished the most prestigious residences of Europe and adorned ladies and knights on great occasions. Today, a museum caters to astute collectors. At the Atelier, you will also find the modern “Burano Collection” composed of doilies, sheets, handkerchiefs, collars, fans and handmade accessories.

You can admire our collections and lacemakers at work at the “Palazzo dei Pittori”, headquarters of the Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia which, as of 1900s, was the meeting place for artists of Venetian school of painting.