Learn Burano Lace

Ladies who are knowledgeable in the art of lace-making are very few and prefer to work from home. At the Martina Vidal Atelier, one can observe how these expert lace workers are still able to create lace using the same techniques as their 17 th - century ancestors.

Lace makes our collection of tablecloths, table covers, big and small centrepieces, collars, handkerchiefs, fashion accessories unique; products that were once used to embellish the most beautiful mansions of Europe and adorn Ladies and Knights on important occasions.

Since 2014 Martina Vidal has been organising courses in needle lace, typical of the island of Burano. The master lace-maker will teach you the basic stitches. You will be able to make a small lace, a true souvenir typical of Burano, a unique and very precious piece. Ask for information to schedule your lace lesson/course.