For the past four generations we have been creating Burano lace.

Today we create luxury home linen where, passion, tradition, quality, and creativity are combined for the realization of unique and distinctive products.

Martina Vidal Venezia is a Home Linen Atelier created by Martina and her brother Sergio as a concept store where to transfer the experience, knowledge and skills of their ancestors and satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Originally created as small artisanal workshop, today the Atelier is located in a three-story building and the products on sale include accessories and linen not only for the house but also for person. Every detail is synonym of quality, attention, and uniqueness.

Proud to have provided the most beautiful homes in the world.

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Vidal Family

For the past four generations, we have been creating Burano lace. This tradition has translated into the luxury home linen we produce today, where, passion, tradition, quality and creativity are combined to offer unique and distinctive products.


Lace School

The lace school of Burano was founded in 1872. Many women of the Vidal family became lace makers and worked for the school with passion and dedication typical of this art.



Martina opened the first artisan workshop and began to sell under her own brand the products that her ancestors had produced in previous centuries, for the most important Venetian luxury linen companies of the time.

In this picture you can see most of the family at work for the opening of the new laboratory: Starting from the right, a young Martina standing, then seated, Mom Angelina, Aunt Maria, Grandma Mori, Aunt Graziella, and finally Aunt Maria, the sister of Dad Gino.



Originally created as a small artisanalworkshop, today the Atelier is located in a three-story building with a productline that includes home and personal accessories and linens.

Martina Vidal Venezia is a Home Linen Atelier created by the sister-brother team, Martina and Sergio Vidal, as a concept store where the experience, knowledge and skills of their ancestors are showcased and valued. Martina Vidal Venezia seeks to satisfy the needs of an exacting customers.


Venice Secret Garden

In addition to the shop, the Atelier Martina Vidal has created a Venice Secret Garden. Once a typical Venetian orchard, today guests can spend a moment relaxing and enjoying the peace of the island – with a cup of coffee or a glass of Prosecco.



Numerous jet set personalities, princes, and international A-list actors have visited the Atelier, where we strive to create a unique and personal experience for all our customers, creating an unforgettable day on the Island of Burano.


Lace in Fashion

Among the events realized in the private garden of the Atelier, we are very fond of the event realized in 2018 and dedicated to "Lace in Fashion".

The haute couture intertwines with the know-how of high Italian craftsmanship.


Venetian Inspired

Among our many collections, in recent years we have paid particular attention to a new line with the significant name "Venetian Architectures".

These new creations by Atelier Martina Vidal, with their modern and harmonious design, are inspired by the fascinating and timeless city of Venice.



Our collections are proudly Made in Italy and are the result of quality craftsmanship and creativity. They boast a wide range of styles, fabrics and personalized embroideries that add elegance to your home, infusing it with an atmosphere that is wholly bespoke, expression of your wishes.