Here are the questions from our Customers that Martina Vidal has received most frequently. We hope this will help you to choose your product.

TABLE LINEN CATEGORY > What is the best fabric to use for tablecloths? Cotton table linens generally have the smooth, and polished look. Linen has a more relaxed drape but it is stronger than cotton. To you the choice!

TABLE LINEN CATEGORY > What is the drop and how do I measure it? The drop of the tablecloth is the space from the edge of the table to where the tablecloth ends (hem of the tablecloth), and it depends on the type of occasion you're setting up for. At a formal dinner the tablecloth overhang is luxurious and deep. To get a better idea of the drop, take a piece of fabric and drop it on one side of the table. Put the chairs in the position they would be in when you would like to use the tablecloth or table runner.

TABLE LINEN CATEGORY > How can I choose the right napkin? The napkin must be coordinated with the tablecloth. If the napkin is not part of a set, it must always be chosen so as to respect the style of the table.

BATH LINEN CATEGORY > How to care for my towels? See the specific instructions on the label sewn on the linen. Launder Your Towels Together. Remember not to use bleach. For difficult stains, try a specific stain remover. Martina Vidal towels are soft and versatile, no need to iron them. The use of Fabric Softeners reduce the absorbancy of towels, so it is best not to use them.

BED LINEN CATEGORY > What is the difference between Sateen & Percale? The texture of a fabric is a strong indicator of touch sensitivity. Percale is 100% smooth cotton, very strong, with a matte finish. Sateen is a soft and smooth cotton that scatters less light, giving it a greater sheen than Percale. Our sheets can be ordered from 300 up to 1400 thread counts: please contact our Customer Care.