Course Levels Burano Lace

The Burano lace making courses #martinavidal – needle lace, were conceived for groups of a maximum six people. They are structured into three learning levels, and registration for one level does not imply compulsory registration for the two other levels. Lessons can be organized for one or two persons, on weekdays or on Saturday and Sunday.

For the execution during the lessons, the Atelier makes available materials and various supports ("tombolo" cushion, "morello" (wood cylinder), warping kit, skein and needle) that can be purchased afterwards if desired, at the end of the course.

1st level course objectives: basic stitches with ghipur in 2/3 variants, sbari (barrettes), reliefs and finishing of the lace.

2nd level course objectives: revision of ghipur and addition of other variants with lace finishing.

3rd level course objectives: revision of ghipur, net stitch called "Burano stitch" and addition of other variants with lace finishing.

Lesson hours: 8 hours for 1 or 2 people, to be defined for groups from 3 to 6 people.