Sustainability and Certification

We are proud to be artisans of luxury products for the house and for the person. We produce exclusive custom, made-to-measure pieces for the table, the bed, bathroom linens, accessories and clothing. The common thread that unites our products is attention to detail - an element found in the highest quality manufacturing, from the moment an idea is conceived, to its design and custom-made measures according to the client’s needs, which ultimately becomes an original and refined ornament for your home.

Each piece embodies the essential characteristics of excellence.

Artisan tradition - from design to finished product, every step is controlled by professionals, well adept in the antiquated craft but thoughtful and experienced in contemporary functional design.

Fabric quality – the raw material is the most important element of our Atelier. To make a perfect product that will stand the test of time, we carefully select our suppliers and choose only certified, flawless fabrics.

Sustainability – our fabrics are sourced from a highly controlled supply chain, respectful of the environment and its workers. The fabrics are washed in a way that does not emit pollution. The final products are durable over time. Choosing them means reducing the impact of disposable consumption.

Environment Actions – the Atelier building still exudes the charm of its era, but we have carefully renovated it, making it accessible to everyone and reducing its impact on the environment. As a part of our sustainability effort, we removed some architectural barriers, added energy saving systems, changed to LED lighting and lights that switch off automatically in the service areas, and offer plastic-free paper packaging solutions. 

You will find that our products are made using the most elegant linen of quality, natural and certified fabric; cotton of varying levels of thickness, from 300 to 1400 thread count; satin produced from the finest Egyptian cotton; the eco-friendly, soft and silky textile fiber called modal; and Italian made threads of cashmere and silk. The sustainability of our products are certified by OEKO-TEX (guaranteed for the health of the consumer, with the goal of preventing adverse reactions from clothing potentially contaminated with toxic substances), and MASTERS OF LINEN (label guaranteeing that the linen is produced by European textile companies committed to supply chain excellence and traceability).