Martina Vidal and "Apriti Moda"

Atelier Martina Vidal Venice participated in the event - project Apriti Moda (Open Fashion). Two days dedicated to the discovery of the most hidden and secret places of fashion in Italy. 
Apriti Moda, already in its fifth edition, tells stories of places, people, companies among the big names of Italian fashion and craft realities, and allows to discover ateliers, museums and laboratories, with free and guided tours. In the two days of this year, October 23 and 24, 2021, Martina Vidal has organized the visits in Atelier and Museum to tell the story of Burano lace and the history of the family business that this year celebrates 30 years.

"We are pleased to participate in Apriti Moda that allows us to explain and let visitors discover what we do every day, with passion and professionality. We would like to thank Cinzia Sasso, the creator of Apriti Moda, all the staff of the project and the journalist Alda Vanzan who, on Saturday 23 October, presented with us the book Semplice Determinazione (Simple Determination): the story of two brothers, of a very united family, of a company linked to tradition and looking to the future. With us there was also the author Andrea Bettini who revealed the idea behind the title of this book, somehow linked to our way of being and doing. Thanks to the guests and visitors who came to visit us." Martina and Sergio Vidal

Martina Vidal and Apriti Moda

Semplice Determinazione