Presentation Catalogue "Martina Vidal Venezia - Lace Collection"

Saturday, June 24th 2017, at 5:00 pm
Venice Secret Garden - Atelier Martina Vidal
Via San Mauro, 311 - Island of Burano - Venice

Introduction and Foreword

"This collection is not just a simple catalogue; it also aims at conveying the beauty and magic that I rediscover every time I recount the history of Venetian lace-making to friends and tourists that come to visit my Atelier. This collection includes thirty-two lace pieces that belong to my Family Collection, some of which were created by my great-grandmothers. Other pieces were acquired from collectors and antique dealers, and again others were made by the lace-makers that work here at my Atelier, who are able to reproduce ancient designs with a modern flair. The items described herein are only a small part of the Collection on display at the Martina Vidal Atelier in a small area dedicated to lace and needlework, which we consider our own little museum. Here every single lace creation has a history of its own, its own processing time, its own message; some have even travelled the world". Martina Vidal

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