Martina Vidal Venice and the Venice Fashion Week 2020

Atelier Martina Vidal participates in the tenth edition of Venice Fashion Week in Venice, where fashion is culture and discovery: from 22 to 31 October 2020. In the splendid Royal Suite of the Hotel Danieli, Martina Vidal will present the new nightwear collection created in collaboration with the young designer Michela Gaiofatto.

New garments in silk, modal and cotton satin, to wear with elegance, comfort and a touch of style signed Martina Vidal. Presenting embroidered tulle, floral and elaborate lace for dressing gowns, pyjamas and nightgowns, in a precious version. From the collection designed in collaboration with Michela Gaiofatto, some garments from the young line, classic line and bridal line, have been selected for the event. The appointment is for Friday 23rd October, from 19:00 at Hotel Danieli, Riva degli Schiavoni - Venice.

The participation of Atelier Martina Vidal in this Venice Fashion Week, between craftsmanship and sustainable fashion, live and online, confirms the desire to safeguard the Venetian artisan heritage, starting from the tradition and culture of needle lace typical of Burano - Venice, to look at new projects, evolutions and contemporary design.

Photo @RobertoRosa 

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Martina and Sergio Vidal Venice Fashion Week 2020

Venice Fashion Week 2020 Hotel Danieli