Italian know-how

Many say that the trump card of Made in Italy is the emotional factor. Whether art, culture, or production, what fascinates is the quality, distinctiveness and authenticity of Italian products and experiences.

During Vinitaly 2023, Martina Vidal Venezia was the guest of "Consorzio Tutela Prosecco Doc" for the presentation of THE KNOW HOW: THREE ILLUSTRIOUS CASE HISTORIES. Together with Apriti Moda and Lis Furlanis we talked about the quality of our products and the craftsmanship that encompasses so much skill, creativity, dedication, and passion. Characteristics that we find in the production of Prosecco DOC and that are told in their #ItalianGenio project. For the lace demonstration, we thank Renata and Doris of the "Sacolà e...ciacola ad ago".

For the occasion, Martina Vidal created a cocktail napkin with a handmade lace insert. The typical Burano lace made to represent the logo of the Prosecco Doc and make a small gift as a thank you for the hospitality given to us.

Since time immemorial, Burano lace, Venetian needle lace, has made it possible to reproduce distinct figures, logos or representations with needle and thread. A small detail handcrafted lace becomes the precious personalization of a special gift.

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Prosecco Doc & Martina Vidal

burano lace

special gift burano lace

handmade lace martina vidal