Venice Fashion Week returns from 17 th to 26 th October 2019, with sustainable fashion, superior craftsmanship, emerging designers, and international guests. Prominent among the highlighted themes and scheduled events is the relationship between creativity and Venice’s artisanal excellence, focusing on innovative materials and reinterpretations of traditions.

This is a new opportunity for Atelier Martina Vidal to present some collections that originated from a conscientious and thorough search for raw materials and the relationship between quality, class, and elegance, linked always to customer satisfaction.

Tuesday, October 22nd, in the ancient Fornace Orsoni, Martina Vidal Venezia, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Orsoni Venezia 1888, Lunardelli Veneziawill present the association Venice Artisanal Excellence that brings together the Venetian craftsmanship top representatives. We will talk about artisanal knowledge, manufacturing processes, and original combinations of textures, colors, and materials through an exhibition of the new creations, resulting from the initial collaborations between these four legendary companies and international contemporary designers.

The Atelier's participation in the newly-formed association is linked to a growing need to create uniqueness and to find a balance between tradition, authenticity, and new contemporary languages. Many projects and objectives have brought us together, with everything leading back to a perfect synthesis between creativity and skill, between tradition and innovation.

In putting together our recent collections, we wanted to draw inspiration from the beauty of Venice, with interplay of shapes, materials, and elegant combinations. All these features are also found in the cashmere and Burano-lace fashion accessories, designed by Martina Vidal, which will be seen during Venice Fashion Week 2019.

Credit photo @SettimoCannatella @MartaFormentello @RobertoRosa @RossanaViola > for @Venezia da Vivere, Location @orsoni.venezia1888

 Alto Artigianato Venezia Martina Vidal

Alto Artigianato Venezia

Alto Artigianato Venezia Bevilacqua e Martina Vidal