A DRESS FOR VENICE is a concept created by Venezia da Vivere in 2019 to talk about sustainability and high craftsmanship and declare that Venice is a place ideal for living and creating. It brings to life collections of clothes that are the result of collaboration between designers, artisans, schools and businesses because artistic crafts are a value for the future of the planet.

Inspired by the city of water, the clothing collection was designed by eco-designer Tiziano Guardini and illustrated by artist Jacopo Ascari. Made with Bemberg™ yarns, a unique and precious fiber produced exclusively by Asahi Kasei and certified for its biodegradability in both soil and water, the capsule collection was produced by Martina Vidal Venezia, a Venetian brand that also enriched the garments with elements of handmade Burano lace, with the support of artisanal companies from Venice and the Veneto region identified by the Tavolo Veneto della Moda.

martina vidal a dress for venice

A Dress for Venice is a collaborative project endorsed by the Municipality of Venice, the Veneto Region, and Homo Faber - Cologni Foundation for the Métiers d'Art. It has the support of a network of companies (Confartigianato, Confindustria, CNA, Confesercenti, and Confcommercio of Veneto Fashion) and the global platform C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy), which has been promoting responsible innovation and collaborating with the entire international fashion supply chain to offer contemporary consumers an innovative and responsible choice since 2007.

The project benefits from the partnership of Camera Buyer Italia, the national association that brings together the best multi-brand stores of excellence, and sustainable fashion projects consultant Marina Iremonger.

The Bemberg™ fabrics used were created by Infinity Srl and Tessitura Grisotto of Varese. The textile printing is carried out by Creazioni Digitali, a sustainable digital printing company from Como, which printed on Bemberg™ fabrics using pigment inks with reduced water usage through the CreŌ | Creation Opportunity project. The labels were produced by Cadica using sustainable and circular materials.

Fiber Produced solely in Japan, Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei represents an example of circular economy because it is made by the smart-tech of cotton linters, a pre-consumer material converted through a traceable and transparent closed-loop process, which guarantees credentials of certified sustainability, as well as a performance, look and hand truly exclusivity.

Contact us for product and sales information, and more: marta.perissinotto@martinavidal.com

Thanks to Margot Sikabonyi for having worn "A Dress for Venice" for the Red Carpet of the Venice Film Festival 2023.

Festival 2023 A dress for Venice

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