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Martina Vidal lace museum and the ancient laces collection: for the most demanding collectors

The museum of our Atelier shows ancient lace pieces like table cloths, table covers,centre-pieces, collars, linen, handkerchiefs, fans, wedding veils, which used to embellish the most prestigious mansions of Europe and adorn ladies and knights at the most important times of the day.

There is no set date on the birth of laceworking on Burano. However there are several legends on its origin. One tells about a young Venetian sailor who gifted his loved one with a sea weed from far-away seas and when she saw it, she wished to keep this dear memento forever and precisely copied its delicate contours and pinholes by using a simple thread. Another legend tells about a young man who left for the Far East and reached a mermaid-inhabited sea.

In our personal lace collection you will find some old and new artefacts, an overview of the history of Burano lace by the hands of our lace workers and their ancestors. An art and tradition bequeathed over the centuries until today.

We would like to present, in these photos, some of the ancient laces realized in the XVII, XIX, and XX centuries, exhibited in our Museum of the Atelier.

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