Venice Fashion Week 2018


30 November 2018

"The theme of Venice Fashion Week 2018 has been slow fashion, artisanal, sustainable and ethical. On the catwalks we have seen green fashion and solidarity projects; where tailoring has become a mean for professional reintegration and social redemption and fashion a cross-section of the contemporary time, the mirror of this era and its ideas. With Venice Fashion Week Venice has become the capital of slow fashion" @Veneziadavivere



VENICE FASHION WEEK: the week dedicated to fashion in Venice from 18 to 27 October 2018.

Between a fashion show and many events, including dedicated itineraries and the October 25th "Make it last. Fashion and high crafts in Venice" convention, we present our participation at the Venice Fashion Week 2018. We want to thank Venezia da Vivere and all the collaborators, supporters, and partners of the event that made all this very lively, fashionable, and positive. The creativity and passion we put in our work every day is aimed at experimenting, growing, and even having fun!

Venice Fashion Week is a project by Venezia da Vivere in collaboration with the Municipality of Venice. 

Atelier Martina Vidal presents the installation at Palazzo Marin, embroidered clothes and linen for the home "San Marco Collection", the fashion show with the Veraroad tailoring brand:



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