Lace in Fashion


31 May 2018

Atelier Martina Vidal and the Venice Lace Biennial

from 3 to 10 June 2018

Venetian needle lace, typical of the Island of Burano, can still be protagonist. Linked to traditions and past of the island, today it cannot only be a memory, but must relive in its pure and radiant beauty.

On occasion of the II edition of the Biennale Internazionale del Merletto (International Lace Biennial) of Venezia 2018, Atelier Martina Vidal started important collaborations with other artisanal excellences representative of Venice; not only to narrate Burano lace history, but to represent the possible combination between tradition, modernity, and creativity.

At Atelier Martina Vidal, located in Burano in Via San Mauro 309, for the entire duration of the International Lace Biennial "simple think, daily art" from 3 to 10 June 2018, you can admire and exhibition of historical dresses, symbol of lace history transitions. The dresses exhibited by Atelier Pietro Longhi, completely realised in fabrics of the Rubelli company, recall the tradition of Venetian fabrics, rigorously respecting the cuts and models of the period. To recall the origins of lace, inspiration was taken, for example, from the portrait of Queen Cornaro, realised by Gentile Bellini (late XV century).

The reproductions of the historical dresses will open the presentation of LACE IN FASHION, event ideated by Martina Vidal in collaboration with Atelier Pietro Longhi and the participation of Nardi Jewelry, Rubelli Textile and Glass Beads by Venetian Dreams.
The event scheduled on Thursday 7 June 2018, from 19:30, is only on invitation and will be held in the garden of the Atelier, the Venice Secret Garden. For information send an email to

Precious elements, unique details, and craftsmanship combined with the choice of excellent raw materials; this is LACE IN FASHION! An important occasion to feel proud and linked to our traditions, with an eye towards the future and new opportunities.



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