Puma event in Burano


30 April 2018

#SuedeBow @Puma in Burano Venice 18 April 2018: tour of the island and appointment at Atelier Martina Vidal, fot the typical Burano needle lace demonstration and meeting place of the influencers within the private walls of the Venice Secret Garden.


We are happy to have hosted this important event for PUMA, with the collaboration of Immagic Group, and to have realised the logo PUMA in lace during the demonstration with our lace makers, Maria and Marisa.

Among the influencers that participated: Alice Basso, Pamela Reif, Michelle Carvalho, Cecilia Rodriguez, Beatrice Valli, Gabbie Fadel, Cara Delevingne, Alessandra Denegri, Eleonora Rocchini and many others ... here are a few photos shared on Instagram.


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