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25 June 2017

Martina Vidal Venezia - Lace Collection

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Introduction and Foreword

"This collection is not just a simple catalogue; it also aims at conveying the beauty and magic that I rediscover every time I recount the history of Venetian lace-making to friends and tourists that come to visit my Atelier. This collection includes thirty-two lace pieces that belong to my Family Collection, some of which were created by my great-grandmothers. Other pieces were acquired from collectors and antique dealers, and again others were made by the lace-makers that work here at my Atelier, who are able to reproduce ancient designs with a modern flair. The items described herein are only a small part of the Collection on display at the Martina Vidal Atelier in a small area dedicated to lace and needlework, which we consider our own little museum. Here every single lace creation has a history of its own, its own processing time, its own message; some have even travelled the world". Martina Vidal

"Dulcis in fundo, three royal tablecloths presumably dating back to the first half of the 1900s, one of which is complete of napkins. The first two are large in size and entirely made using the Venezia stitch, with inserts and open spaces created using the Burano stitch. The decorative pattern is of high quality, with spiral patterns of acanthus flowers, oriental petals, relief elements, small roses and medallions with amphoras filled with flowers. The third tablecloth features elegant inserts created using the cutwork method, besides a filet hem and lace medallions depicting symbolic animals, amongst which we can recognize “St. Mark’s lion” and the Eucharistic Pelican" Doretta Davanzo Poli - Textile and fashion historian


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Printed in the year 2017


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