Burano Lace

Martina Vidal Venezia has its headquarters in Burano, the island known all over the world for the extraordinary artisanal production of Venetian lace.

The art of Burano lace has been handed down for generations, from mother to daughter, and there is no actual date about its origins. One of the many legends has it that a young Venetian sailor who gifted the woman he loved with an alga from far-away seas, and that wishing to keep that memento forever, she copied its delicate contours and pinholes, creating a wonderful lace using only a simple thread.

Extraordinary manual skills charming all those that come to visit us from all over the world. Our Collection of ancient laces, once used to embellish the most important European residences and as ornaments for dames and knights on the most important occasions, today is a precious Museum visited by the most demanding collectors. At our Atelier you will also find the modern “Burano Collection” composed of tablecloths, doilies, sheets, handkerchiefs, collars, fans, and bridal veils. 

You can admire our collections and lace makers at work at the “Palazzo dei Pittori”, headquarters of the Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia that, starting from the 1900s, used to be the meeting place for many artists of Venetian painting school.