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Antique Burano Lace

To realize lace with Burano technique, exclusively made with a needle, a drawing must be prepared and successively the support for the warp, composed of two layers of cloth, three sheets of straw paper, the sheet with the drawing, and a sheet of wax paper, all overlapping.

The borders of the drawing are carried out with a double running stitch (warp) and the weft of the lace, called “ghipur” is created, executed through a series of various kinds of stitches (ghipur variants). The work is bordered with relief (smooth or thick), in order to create depth in some areas of the lace, and at the end the product is detached by cutting the warp thread between the paper and the cloth.

A work that became famous in the Venetian Republic between 1500 and 1600, very appreciated in all the European courts.

We present one of the tablecloths in antique lace, part of the family collection, made in the late 1800s – early 1900s, entirely in needle lace typical of the island of Burano, which required three years to make.

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