Burano Lace

A collection of antique and contemporary laces, some of which realized by our lace makers on unique and traditional drawings

The “Burano Lace” Collection is mainly composed of old laces, most of them realized in the family, others come from antique dealers and collectors from all over the world. In the collection dedicated to table linen, among the priceless laces, there is a tablecloth of the late 1800s, entirely in Burano lace that took almost three years to be made.

In the Atelier you can also find the modern collection of needle lace, composed of tablecloths, doilies, sheets, handkerchiefs, fans, and bridal veils. All the creations by Martina Vidal take inspiration from the art and traditions of the past, present and rooted on the Island of Burano. In fact, our lace makers are among the last women that attended the Lace School of Burano, which closed in 1970. Today, with the same passion and dedication they realize laces that give a unique sensation of pure elegance when they are used and worn.