The Island of Burano

An enchanting combination of water, colors and traditions. The Venetian island of laces.

Burano is one of the islands of the Venetian lagoon. It has about 3.000 inhabitants and it is composed of four smaller islands separated by internal canals and five sestieri (districts). Originally, it was a small fishing community and the art of Venetian lace-making was traditionally carried out by women on their doorstep, together with friends and relatives. The characteristic colors of the houses are linked to the fishing activity, in fact originally, they were colored by the fishermen so to be recognizable in winter from far away, even with fog. Successively, this custom became very popular all over the island and today colors are used to mark off properties.

Colorful homes, hanging clothes, women making laces. All elements that make a stop in Burano and a visit to our Atelier a must-do. If you book through our Booking Form, Martina Vidal staff will accompany you to discover the modern collections and ancient laces that we jealously guard.

You will get a chance to get a close look at how lace is made, talk to our lace workers and maybe try to glean some of their secrets. Spend some time in our garden to relax, trying the typical “buranelli” biscuits.

Martina Vidal awaits you.

How to reach the island

island of Burano

Via San Mauro, 309

30142 - Burano

Venice, Italy


Reaching Burano is easy and allows admiring unique views in the heart of the Venetian lagoon. You can use water-buses (typical Venetian means of transport) using line 12 or line 15. Departures are:

  • every 20 minutes (summer) or 30 minutes (winter) if leaving from Venice - Fondamente Nove
  • every 60 minutes if leaving from Venice - Piazza San Marco
  • every 30 minutes if leaving from Cavallino Treporti – Ricevitoria (Ticket office)

Once arrived, finding us is very easy. At about 150 meters from the only stop at the island of Burano, at the beginning of the street on the right, you will find us: Atelier Martina Vidal Venezia at the “Palazzo dei Pittori”.


If you choose a private means, you can land at the pier reserved to our customers.

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